Purchase Guilt-Free Gelt

The gelt we eat on Chanukah is a reminder of the freedom our people won many years ago. Today, however, young children are trafficked and forced into working on cocoa farms with no pay and in unsafe conditions in the Ivory Coast, where more than half the world’s cocoa is grown.

This Chanukah, we can support the 85,000 member farmers of Kuapa Kokoo, a Fair Trade cooperative in Ghana who are co-owners of Divine Chocolate. Fair Trade standards prohibit the use of child labor. The organization is democratically run, and their children attend school rather than work in the fields.

Along with your gelt order, you’ll receive a table tent with inspirational information and a kavana (prayer) to say before eating the gelt.

Divine Chocolate is donating 10% of all sales to Fair Trade Judaica and T’ruah to support our efforts in ending child slavery in the cocoa fields.

We have put together a special Chanukah gelt page for you this year!! You can purchase 1 bag of 13 coins, a 10-pack or a 30-pack. No promo code required; just order your gelt from our new page and we receive the 10% donation.
You can place your order at Divine Chocolate’s wholesale accounts page. Please use promo code GUILTFREEGELT at checkout to assure that we receive 10% of sales.